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How MYOB is revolutionising
quality performance with Daisee.

"We're invested and couldn't imagine a life without Daisee. They have given us real confidence in elevating our quality framework to deliver consistent customer experience in 100% of interactions."

Steve Targus, Contact Centre Manager.


Based in Australia and New Zealand, MYOB provides tax, accounting and other services to small and medium-sized businesses. MYOB has over 1 million customers, and are actively focused on providing an authentic and consistent experience on every interaction, regardless of the channel, time or agent, whilst remaining compliant.

MYOB's company goal is to strive for best in class service and comprehensive support for every customer interaction.

“We have a company goal of making a consistent customer experience for everybody, so regardless of which agent they call, NZ or Australia, they want to know they are calling MYOB. We want to give the MYOB experience to every customer, every time.”

Steve Targus, Contact Centre Manager.

The Challenge

Ensure a consistent MYOB experience for every customer, every call.

In 2019, MYOB approached Daisee with the challenge to maintain a consistent experience across all customer interactions.

"When you have a human monitoring a call, they can only do so much. Having the consistency and coverage across 100% of calls is what we needed because manual QA was not good enough."

Jess Harrison, Quality Performance Specialist.

Before Daisee

  • Reviewing customer service interactions was a time-consuming process.
  • Coverage of interactions was limited and susceptible to human error.
  • Feedback was founded on limited insight, as managers reacted to issues of non-compliance.
  • There were missed commercial opportunities and missed opportunities for customer retention by improving the customer experience.
  • MYOB was unable to easily identify what the key drivers of motivation were behind calls.
  • The Solution

    Leverage Artificial Intelligence to manage the quality of customer interactions

    The Daisee solution provided AI-powered automated quality management that immediately captured 100% of customer interactions indicating areas for improvement.

    This was achieved by scoring each and every customer interaction rapidly in near-real-time against a world-first Programmable Scorecard™, tailored to the exact criteria of each MYOB team.

    Each MYOB interaction was ranked, so managers could proactively detect elements that required enhancement.

    Team Leaders at MYOB were empowered with newfound insight on their agents’ performance at scale - enabling them to check where, when and what was happening during interactions and further coach customer excellence to agents.

    Initially Daisee had a drastic impact on the support teams and customer satisfaction increased, however the use cases were quickly widened to other areas of the organisation.

    "Daisee is changing the whole way the sales process is performed. Rather than transactional selling, we are ensuring our agents are approaching the opportunity with solutions correctly."

    Jess Harrison, Quality Performance Specialist


    The initial onboarding and implementation of the solution with MYOB was rapid and comprehensive as Daisee supported every step.

    "The implementation was very simple and straightforward, and the Daisee team were responsive. I absolutely trust the stuff they bring to the table."

    Steve Targus, Contact Centre Manager.

    After Daisee

  • Efficiency and accuracy was achieved through a constant, rapid, automated analysis of 100% of calls.
  • Saved crucial time in compliance and mitigating risk through early intervention.
  • Provided actionable insight through personalised feedback on agent performance for upskilling and coaching and set the foundation for a quality performance overhaul that is now in effect.
  • The Results

    More revenue, more opportunity, better performance.

    Increased revenue

    Greater Customer Satisfaction

    Consistency and compliance were key to MYOB's challenge and the results of the Daisee solution surpassed not only MYOB's expectations but delivered better customer satisfaction.

    "Daisee has helped us really work on a consistent MYOB experience. We can use the solution to upskill people to respond better to queries and go beyond – diagnosing what the problem is and fixing it in the first place."

    Jess Harrison, Quality Performance Specialist

    Total compliance

    100% of customer interactions are monitored and reviewed to flag areas of concern for early intervention.

    "Daisee made a difference by changing our coaching behaviour. It identifies the relevant opportunities to mentor agents and improve compliance."

    Jess Harrison, Quality Performance Specialist

    Improved Agent Effectiveness

    MYOB agent performance was not only improved but empowered to deliver better experiences in every interaction through actionable insight.

    "We’ve been able to give our agents feedback quickly and comprehensively, whereas in the past we may have never known."
    Jess Harrison, Quality Performance Specialist

    What’s next?

    MYOB is now in the process of rolling out the Daisee Solution to other areas of the business using the new Daisee 'Essence' module, to go beyond quality management to derive the reasons for inbound calls.

    Together, MYOB and Daisee will uncover the motivations in each interaction to show an instantaneous snapshot of call categorisation, insight into evolving call trends, and reveal the new trends when they emerge. 

    "The Daisee solution is definitely going to be a part of what we roll out company wide."

    Steve Targus, Contact Centre Manager, MYOB

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